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Union League Golf Club hole 17
A classic downtown club acquires equally classic fairways.
Musée Rodin
Two more reasons to visit Paris


Online Charter Shopping

Rental cars, hotel rooms, airline tickets—you can comparison shop and buy them all online relatively easily. So given business aviation’s devotion to innovation and its emphasis on time savings and efficiency, why can’t you search for and book a charter flight on the Web with the same level of ease?


A Flight-Sharing Scheme  Collides With Federal Regulations

A company tried to connect private pilots with prospective passengers, but the FAA nixed its plans.


Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins needs to perform at his peak when he’s leading seminars for thousands of people, which he does regularly all over the world. To help make this possible, the life and business strategist has been flying privately for over two decades. 

Time Off

A Peek Down the Road

A look at five of the most auspicious 2017-model luxury cars.

BJT recently visited the New York International Auto Show to see what automakers have in store for the 2017 model year. With product portfolios diversifying more than ever, there’s something for every taste, whether you’re interested in performance, luxury, technology, or all of the above. Here are a handful of our favorites from the show.

Bizav Basics

Why Aircraft Buyers Need Tech-Savvy Brokers

With prices at historic lows, inventories high, and retrofit options able to transform old airframes into like-new airplanes, will there ever be a better time to buy a preowned aircraft? Possibly, should the long slide in preowned prices that began in 2008 continue. Still, great opportunities for buyers await right now. Just be sure you enlist the help of a broker who possesses the technology that has become so crucial to these deals.


Bizjet Lifestyle

Credit: Ian Whelan
A look at five of the most auspicious 2017-model luxury cars.
Core: New York
They offer opportunities for entertaining, conducting business, and networking, and many of them have reciprocal arrangements with other clubs that extend their benefits.


“The military calls it a ‘force multiplier’…that’s what business aircraft have been for FedEx. ”

-FexEx founder and CEO Fred Smith