Use Your iPad In flight

Business Jet Traveler » October 2010
Friday, October 1, 2010 - 6:00am
Most business jet entertainment systems have long accommodated iPods, and the iPad is a natural addition, allowing travelers to bring their entertainment and even work content on board in a compact lightweight package. Flight Display Systems-manufacturer of high-definition cabin displays, cabin management and audio/video systems-has developed a cable adapter that plugs into the iPad, allowing its video and audio to run on the aircraft's entertainment system. The adapter ($875 plus installation) also powers the iPad, eliminating the need to plug it into an outlet. Flight Display Systems has also released an iPad mount that attaches to armrests. It can rotate the iPad into portrait or landscape mode and accommodate the cable adapter. "We think the iPad is going to be a big hit," said Flight Display Systems founder David Gray. "The airplane is always a good time to read the newspaper," he added, and iPad apps like the Wall Street Journal and New York Times eliminate bulky paper that ends up cluttering the cabin. The iPad also is ideal for catching up on movies or television shows. "A lot of flights are short," he said. "This is [like] their TiVo function." 
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“"I've got a list of corporations that have gotten out of their airplanes [because of criticism from politicians]. It is the stupidest thing I've ever seen. When you look at the time and cost savings; it does not make sense not to fly [privately]. You can't let public perception interfere with your business decision to fly. It either is a good business decision or it isn't."”

-business aviation entrepreneur Nick Popovich