Daher Delivers 900th TBM

Jul 23, 2018 - 9:45 PM

Daher has delivered the 900th TBM single-engine turboprop—30 years after the inaugural flight of the first TBM 700. Aircraft number 900, a TBM 930, S/N 1239, was delivered last week to Thomas Solano in Jacksonville, Florida, a repeat customer. The first TBM flew on July 14, 1988.

Last year, Daher delivered fifty-seven 900-series TBMs and it has delivered 22 through June 18 of this year. Of the total TBMs delivered, 693 have been to North America. Since 2014, 261 TBMs have been ordered and 238 have been delivered.

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AIN editor-in-chief Matt Thurber accompanied a TBM pilot on a delivery flight from Tarbes, France, to Camarillo, California.

Daher Aircraft senior vice president Nicolas Chabbert said the company continues to make small but significant improvements to 900-series TBMs, including recent additions of backlit cockpits, heated seats, and a propeller extended warranty. Earlier this month, Daher rolled out Version 2 of its “Me and My TBM" app for aircraft operators that captures all onboard information via iPhone or iPad, “not in real time yet, but pretty close,” Chabbert said. “As soon as you step off of the aircraft all of the information is sent to the servers, which is pushed to your iPhone or iPad. Twenty-five aircraft are equipped today.”

The new version of the app allows up to 400 TBM owners to connect with each other and compare speeds and other records while accumulating points. “You can measure yourself to the community,” Chabbert said, who used the app personally to accumulate 996 points while ferrying a TBM display aircraft tothe airshow in Oshkosh, Wisconsin this year. Any TBM owner who accumulates 500 points or more in a single month will receive a free Bad Elf Wombat box to speed the loading of avionics data from onboard Garmin systems via SD cards. 

Chabbert envisions using the data not only to enhance product support, but also to provide TBM owners with concierge-level services such as the seamless payment of airport fees and making hotel and rental car reservations. “We are still learning every day on what we want to draw from the data. Like many in aviation, our support is reactive. With data, we can be proactive. It’s very different. We still have to learn what it means to be proactive. We are just scratching the surface right now,” he said.