Jetcraft static display
photo David McIntosh


What It Is: Jetcraft is a global business aircraft brokerage and dealership providing acquisitions, sales, and aircraft trade services; an avionics program; and a custom completion channel. The company handles some 100 aircraft transactions per year, operating from more than 20 offices worldwide. 

How It Grew: In 1962, Charles Oliver bought FBO Raleigh-Durham Aviation (RDA). By the end of the decade, it had acquired an air operator’s certificate, commenced charter operations, and become a major Learjet dealer. It was also operating several Learjet 25s, and it added Cessna Citations to its charter fleet in the 1970s. Later that decade, Oliver sold RDA and founded Raleigh-Durham Aircraft Sales, which quickly grew to become one of Cessna’s largest dealers and service centers. In the 1980s, the focus shifted to addressing the needs of corporate flight departments and the firm branched into leasing, a then-innovative alternative to ownership.

The company rebranded as Jetcraft in 1987 to reflect its emphasis on acquisition solutions. In the 1990s it began specializing in long-range jets. Expansion continued in the new century with the launch of Jetcraft-ed, a quality-certification program for aircraft it represented; the JetCoast program for custom completions of Bombardier jets; and Jetcraft Avionics to assist with installations of Enhanced Flight Vision Systems. 

In 2008 Jahid Fazal-Karim, a former senior Bombardier sales executive, bought Jetcraft, expanding its global footprint. In this decade Jetcraft has opened more international offices; acquired Execujet Aircraft Trading, becoming the world’s largest business aircraft brokerage in the process; introduced its annual 10-year business aircraft sales forecast; and launched Jetcraft Commercial, a commercial aircraft sales division.

What It Offers: 

Transaction services. Brokers sales and acquisitions of preowned and new aircraft. 

Dealership. Buys aircraft for its own inventory, currently numbering some 40 aircraft ranging from helicopters to ultra-long-range jets.

Data. Publishes the annual Jetcraft 10-Year Forecast.

Notable Achievements: In 2018, Jetcraft handled more than 100 transactions, a first in the brokerage field, worth some $1.8 billion. 

Quote: “I think the bigger we get the harder we have to work to make sure we manage a close-knit relationship with our clients.” —Chad Anderson, Jetcraft president

Recent News: In January 2018, Jetcraft opened a headquarters office in London.


Founded: 1962

HQ: London

Employees: More than 50 worldwide

Revenue: About $27 million (estimated)

Founder and treasurer: Charles “Bucky” Oliver

Owner and chairman: Jahid Fazal-Karim

President: Chad Anderson