Love Field Operators Hopeful About Revised GA Landing Fee

Jul 31, 2018 - 4:15 PM

A Love Field Pilots Association (LFPA) task force is hoping to build a case to convince Dallas officials that their original proposed general aviation (GA) landing fee at Dallas Love Field (DAL) might be overreaching. LFPA formed the task force to delve into GA’s costs and contributions to DAL after the Dallas city council in late April approved the assessment of new landing fees, originally proposing a fee of $5.80 per 1,000 pounds—among the highest in the country. The city has cited a need to raise funds to maintain the airport, as well as a need for GA to pay its "fair share," in approving the new fee.

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The timing of the implementation of the fees is unclear after city and airport officials agreed to examine the fees.

Airport officials agreed to a three-month implementation delay, to October 1, after LFPA raised questions regarding the assessment formula and urged consultation with the general aviation community. The association has found the dialog productive and hopes the fee will ultimately be adjusted, it told BJT sister publication Aviation International News.

Of concern was that original documents supporting the fee characterized the GA contribution to Love Field at $1.2 million last year. But that excludes rental/lease payments, GA-paid capital improvements, and property taxes on based aircraft. The city is expected to realign other original assumptions, such as the inclusion of costs for an apron that is off-limits to GA and ramp space that GA already pays to maintain.