Up Front

May 11, 2018 - 2:30 PM

“Might you ever be willing to fly on a pilotless aircraft?”

That’s just one of the new questions in our 8th annual BJT Readers’ Choice Survey, the results of which we’ll publish in our October/November issue.

Our goal at Business Jet Traveler has always been to “maximize your investment in private air transport,” and one way we do that is with this survey. We ask about your experiences with business aviation; and we combine your answers with those of other readers to produce results that can help you make smarter buying decisions while also influencing the manufacturers and service providers you patronize. We know they consider the survey data carefully, because we hear from them about it directly.

We also know that you understand the survey’s value, because every year, more than a thousand of you choose to participate. At press time for this issue, in fact, hundreds of readers had already taken our 2018 poll, even though it had been open for only a few days. According to the company that hosts the survey online, it took these readers an average of just six minutes to complete this latest poll. That’s good news, because time has always been a precious commodity for our readers.

More good news: as a survey participant, you’ll receive a prepublication PDF of the results via email. We’ll also thank you for your time by entering you in a drawing for an American Express gift card and by making a contribution on your behalf to Corporate Angel Network, which provides business jet transportation to treatment centers for cancer patients and their families.

Another way we stay in touch with readers, besides conducting surveys, is to attend events. From left at New York’s Wings Club in May: editor-in-chief Matt Thurber; sales representative Victoria Tod; marketing manager Lisa Valladares; editorial director Jennifer Leach English; and sales representative Tony Romano.