John Travolta
John Travolta

BJT Around the World: John Travolta at EBACE 2013

We caught up with BJT cover subject John Travolta at the European Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva. Travolta, a brand ambassador for the airframer, has been working as a test pilot to support its efforts to get the super-midsized Challenger 350 certified. The company has issued a video of a test flight that Travolta took in the model in the U.S.

“I felt like an astronaut,” he told the crowd at a packed Bombardier booth in Geneva. “We did full performance takeoffs and climbed straight to 41,000 feet. This aircraft is definitely going to break records. It’s like a homesick angel.”

Stressing that he hadn’t joined the Bombardier flight test crew as a PR stunt, Travolta called the Challenger “a really pilot-friendly airplane” and added, “I want one.” He also mentioned that his Hollywood friends frequently ask him for advice on the ins and outs of private aviation. We were happy to learn where he points them.

For more news coming out of Geneva, please visit our sister publication EBACE Convention News.

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so john says he didn't join the bombardier b350 flight test development crew as a publicity stunt. then the video shows him as a strap hanger in an observer rider seat,as well as observing flight briefings. so much for being a real test pilot; bombardier got all the pr they wanted from this, and now faa will certify the b350 based on this stunt? what a laugh, as is comic john.

I love John , his family and want to make sure you keep him safe. Has he had training to jump or being ejected from plane? I have followed him since the early 70's and just recently lost my only child to cancer. I raised her by myself since the age of four. I was a teacher then Asst. Principal for high schools in Ohio. My daughter's first job was at Kent State Un then East Carolina Medical School where she received her higher degrees. She taught college in Williamsburg but was going back to the medical field as physician assistant--fewer hours more time with family -2 girls age 10 and 14 when she died in 2009 on Oct. 31. Since then, I have somewhat adopted --in my own mind--John and his family as we both lost a child. TAKE CARE OF JOHN-KEEP HIM SAFE AND ALIVE---WE ALL LOVE JOHN!!!!!

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