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Most individual investors don’t participate in stockholder elections. Here’s why you should.
Union League Golf Club hole 17
A classic downtown club acquires equally classic fairways.


A flying recovery room

Russia’s Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company hopes it has a sporting chance of attracting customers to a forthcoming variant of its Superjet SSJ100 airliner. Called the SportJet and scheduled for certification in 2018, the aircraft will target professional and amateur athletic teams’ charter flights. That’s a $600 million-per-year global market, according to the manufacturer.

Why would a soccer, rugby, hockey, or other team need a specially designed jet? Sukhoi’s answer might interest you, even if your competition isn’t the kind played out on turf.


Numbers game

At the height of presidential primary season last spring, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump had been flying around “in his sleek Cessna jet” (a Citation X) even though its FAA registration had expired almost three months earlier.


James Carville and Mary Matalin

James Carville and Mary Matalin, whose improbable marriage has now lasted 23 years, agree on at least two things: they love each other and they love business jets. But on many other issues, they remain at least as far apart as America’s two major political parties.

Time Off

Rolls-Royce Dawn

When an automobile executive says, “We’re not a car company. We’re a luxury company. We build a lifestyle,” my skepticism alarm sounds. But when that company is Rolls-Royce, there’s clearly some substance to the notion. At the invitation of this automaker, I found myself in Wyoming a few months ago, along with half a dozen other scribes, for a grand tour of that lifestyle in the new Rolls-Royce Dawn, a four-seat convertible with generous room in the back for two adults.

Bizav Basics

Why Aircraft Buyers Need Tech-Savvy Brokers

With prices at historic lows, inventories high, and retrofit options able to transform old airframes into like-new airplanes, will there ever be a better time to buy a preowned aircraft? Possibly, should the long slide in preowned prices that began in 2008 continue. Still, great opportunities for buyers await right now. Just be sure you enlist the help of a broker who possesses the technology that has become so crucial to these deals.


Bizjet Lifestyle

Rolls-Royce Dawn (Photo: Rolls-Royce Motorcars NA)
Our reviewer takes a grand tour in an equally grand motorcar.


“To say nothing, especially when speaking, is half the art of diplomacy. ”

-historian Will Durant