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Just 2 percent of hedge-fund managers have “a truly unique skill set and competitive advantage,” notes one expert. (Photo: Fotolia)
They can make sense for high-net-worth investors, but you need to understand the risks and fee structures.
Until about 2013, “our pricing was below  cost, and that wasn’t sustainable in the long run,” says XOJet CEO Bradley Stewart.
Its original pricing structure was doomed. Nevertheless, it has had a lasting impact on its industry.


Training to Survive an Inflight Emergency

As a passenger, you might well think that nothing can prepare you for an inflight emergency. No matter how many times you hear pre-departure guidance from flight attendants, would you really be ready to respond to a genuine emergency?


The consequences of compensation

Understand FAA rules before accepting payment for a business jet flight.

Compensation for flights is one of the most important concepts to consider when you’re structuring the ownership and operation of a business jet. For the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, the payment of compensation for air transportation usually makes a flight “commercial,” which requires that it be conducted under a commercial certificate.


Erin Andrews

The Fox Sports reporter and Dancing with the Stars cohost needs to be in three cities in a typical week. Business aviation makes that possible.

Time Off

BMW's i8

When I was growing up, I loved the Back to the Future films—particularly the second one in which Doc and Marty traveled forward in time to 2015. The future looked amazing, especially because of the cars, which contrasted dramatically with what was on the road when the movie first appeared. Not to mention, they could fly and hover!

Bizav Basics

What XOJet has—and hasn’t—accomplished

In early 2009 XOJet upended the charter industry when it introduced all-inclusive one-way transcontinental U.S. rates of $19,000 aboard its owned and operated fleet of new Cessna Citation Xs (later joined by Bombardier Challenger 300s). Not bad for a company whose majority investor, Lehman Brothers, had gone bankrupt just months before


Bizjet Lifestyle

BMW i8
A technological marvel, this car helps the environment while delivering world-class performance and head-turning design.
St. Augustine Photo: Fotolia
America's oldest city offers much more than its many historic landmarks.


“No one has ever become poor by giving. ”

-Anne Frank