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All-you-can-fly memberships, bargain prices, and even free trips are among the offerings from providers who seem to be following Apple’s advice to “think different.” by James Wynbrandt
Most individual investors don’t participate in stockholder elections. Here’s why you should.


Are your flights subsidized?

What’s the true cost of your charter flight? Not the figure on the invoice, but the actual total of operating and prorated fixed costs for your time aboard the aircraft? Exact numbers are hard to come by, but if you’re a heavy charter user, there’s evidence you’re getting a bigger subsidy than a corn farmer does. (Annual direct payments of agricultural subsidies are limited to $40,000 per person.)


Donating your aircraft

Many business jets have recently been depreciating faster than ever before. Some models whose value historically declined an average of 4 percent per year experienced losses in excess of 20 percent in 2015. Aircraft Value Reference Guide (Vref), for example, reported that during a three-month period toward the end of last year, the value of the average Falcon 7X sank between $1.8 and $2.7 million, with other models such as the Gulfstream G550 experiencing similar declines.


Larry Fitzgerald, Jr.

Larry Fitzgerald, Jr., one of football’s all-time best wide receivers, was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in 2004 and has spent his entire professional career with the team. 

Time Off

Boulders Resort & Spa

It seems something of a miracle of architecture and construction that developers could install a 1,300-acre golf resort, luxury hotel, and community amongst the towering 12-million-year-old granite stones in Carefree, Arizona, north of Scottsdale.

They did so with verve and imagination. And a sense of indulgence, as well. The result is a 36-hole golf course, the North and the South, designed by Jay Morrish and laid out to present views, challenges, and stunning vistas of the Sonoran Desert foothills that have no equal anywhere else in golf. 

Bizav Basics

Operator or Broker

Should you call a charter operator or a broker to book your next flight? The type of aircraft you need, the pickup point, and the availability of nearby lift play large roles in getting the answers right. So does understanding the difference between the two types of providers, and what sets one broker or operator apart from another.



“Because of [the band’s] 747’s colossal size and freight capacity, we can carry our stage production and all our stage equipment in the cargo hold. ”

-Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson