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Most individual investors don’t participate in stockholder elections. Here’s why you should.
Union League Golf Club hole 17
A classic downtown club acquires equally classic fairways.


It’s a new game—and  perhaps a tougher one

Recent constriction in the fractional space and changes within the remaining programs are stacking the deck against shareowners, curbing rights, and cutting once-standard benefits, contend a pair of consultants who represent share buyers. We spoke with them about the trends they see and also solicited comment from the two largest national fractional-share providers, NetJets and Flexjet, both of which provided written replies to our queries.


The best—and worst— buys in business jets

Vref, the transactional-market tracking service, recently created a pair of best-buy lists that underscore the hit business jet valuations have taken since 2008.

The lists, which appear in Vref’s quarterly Market Leader newsletter, rank 47 aircraft models, manufactured in 2008 and 2012, by the percentage of value they’ve lost since they were new: the greater the depreciation, the better the buy. (Conversely, of course, if you already own one of these models, the higher it is on the list, the more you’ve lost.)



James Carville and Mary Matalin, whose improbable marriage has now lasted 23 years, agree on at least two things: they love each other and they love business jets. But on many other issues, they remain at least as far apart as America’s two major political parties.

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Trout Aplenty

I’ve admired the beauty of the wild trout found by President Thomas Jefferson’s Corps of Discovery since the first time I caught one while wading a sandy beach of Yellowstone Lake in the spring of 1974. The species is called “cutthroat” because of a vivid reddish-orange slash curving across each lower jaw.

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Why Aircraft Buyers Need Tech-Savvy Brokers

With prices at historic lows, inventories high, and retrofit options able to transform old airframes into like-new airplanes, will there ever be a better time to buy a preowned aircraft? Possibly, should the long slide in preowned prices that began in 2008 continue. Still, great opportunities for buyers await right now. Just be sure you enlist the help of a broker who possesses the technology that has become so crucial to these deals.


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The Sunshine Kids
The Sunshine Kids Foundation aims to improve the quality of life for children living with cancer by providing group activities that promote self-esteem
To help native trout thrive, Idaho is encouraging—even paying—anglers to catch as many rainbows as they can.


“I fly to work and I work to fly. ”

-country singer/songwriter Dierks Bentley