Joe Sharkey

Joe Sharkey

Joe Sharkey has written the weekly business travel column in The New York Times for 12 years. He's the author of six books, none on travel. He and his wife, Nancy, a professor at the University of Arizona, live with their two parrots near Saguaro National Park in Tucson, where their favorite mode of transportation—short haul, at least—is a horse. A Vietnam veteran, Sharkey has been on virtually every kind of fixed-wing aircraft, including both final Concorde flights and a memorable sortie in 1967 in Pensacola with the Navy's Blue Angels. As a battered road warrior, he says the very first thing he would do if he acquired an extremely large sum of money is order a G650.



“When you get into the larger aircraft it becomes like a hotel, with dozens of staff supporting the plane based in a galley area down below. You have very comprehensive cooking facilities, and on larger aircraft we have looked at theatres, with spiral staircases and a Steinway grand piano. The limitations for what you can put inside a plane are pretty much the limits of physics, and even money cannot always overcome that. Even so, people are still always trying to push [the limits]. ”

-Howard Guy of Design Q, a UK-based consultancy

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