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Saturday, August 1, 2009 - 5:00am

In better times, business aviation catering can be highly lucrative, particularly during special events such as a PGA tournament or a trade convention. Now, with the economy in recession and companies and individuals cutting back their flight hours, lots of caterers are struggling just to get by. "Customers I haven't seen go through belt-tightening in my 30 years in the business are taking steps to cut their catering costs," said Paula Kraft, owner and president of Tastefully Yours in Atlanta.

The good news for private jet travelers is that caterers appear to be trying to adjust their menus to accommodate clients' tighter budgets. One is offering half-portions at half the regular cost. Another is featuring boxed meals at set prices-$20, $25 and $30. "Better a small order than no order," said the owner. And quality remains high, with bizav caterers featuring a wide assortment of ethnic, organic and innovative recipes.

Getting hungry? Here are state-by-state and alphabetical listings of caterers that primarily or exclusively serve the business aviation community.

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