Dassault Introduces Lower-cost Falcon 2000S

Friday, May 27, 2011 - 1:00am

Dassault has unveiled its latest business jet–the Falcon 2000S. The twinjet is well aligned with the current economy, as it is a lower-cost derivative of the Falcon 2000 with a price tag under $25 million. It retains the Falcon 2000LX’s cabin size, but its range has been curtailed to 3,350 nautical miles. Inboard slats have been added to the wing, which reduce approach speed by 10 knots, to 108 knots. Takeoff distance decreases to 4,450 feet (at the 41,000-pound maximum takeoff weight), and landing distance drops to 2,600 feet (at typical landing weight). The 2000S keeps the winglets introduced on the LX for fuel efficiency. Its Pratt & Whitney Canada PW308C engines have a new Talon II combustor that cuts nitrous oxide emissions by 20 percent. The first 2000S achieved its maiden flight on February 17, and certification is pegged for the fourth quarter of next year. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2013.

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“When you get into the larger aircraft it becomes like a hotel, with dozens of staff supporting the plane based in a galley area down below. You have very comprehensive cooking facilities, and on larger aircraft we have looked at theatres, with spiral staircases and a Steinway grand piano. The limitations for what you can put inside a plane are pretty much the limits of physics, and even money cannot always overcome that. Even so, people are still always trying to push [the limits]. ”

-Howard Guy of Design Q, a UK-based consultancy