NetJets Europe Adds Ultra-Long-Range Global 6000

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NetJets Europe Adds Ultra-Long-Range Global 6000
NetJets Europe Adds Ultra-Long-Range Global 6000
Monday, January 28, 2013 - 12:00pm

The Bombardier Global 6000 will join NetJets Europe’s fractional fleet on February 1, allowing for flights of 6,180 nautical miles. That means trips of around 13 hours, which explains why so much attention has been paid to the 400-square-foot cabin. Big enough for 13 passengers to travel in style, it is pressurized at 51,000 feet to feel like 5,700 feet. That results in a less-tiring journey, since the human body generally does better closer to sea level, and it gives the Global an edge over some competitors.

The single-seat crew rest area can double as a private office for one of the passengers. The flight attendant and pilots have their own restroom at the front of the cabin. The passenger restroom to the rear offers in-flight access to the baggage hold.

Some of the Global 6000’s seats can morph into beds for six or seven passengers. In fact, the lounge area to the rear of the cabin can be set aside as a private bedroom with a double bed and en suite shower. However, NetJets Europe has decided against including the shower in its aircraft because the weight of the necessary water would reduce the Global’s range.

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