Buyers' Guide - China Edition

April 9, 2014
Business jet owners have the options of purchasing, chartering, or owning shares. (Photo: David McIntosh)
中文内容请参看下面的PDF文件  You don’t have to own a jet to fly as if you do.
April 9, 2014
Here's a look at the world's leading business jet manufacturers and their current and upcoming models.  中文内容请参看下面的PDF文件  
April 9, 2014
BJT's editorial director Jennifer Leach English in front of a Jackie Chan display (photo: Mona L. Brown)
April 10, 2013
Here comes tomorrow's business jets
While an economic recovery sputters in the U.S. and Europe, business jet manufacturers foresee continued growth in such emerging markets as China, Latin America and Russia.
April 10, 2013
Gulfstream G650
Production models of Gulfstream’s new, near-supersonic flagship G650—which received FAA certification in the U.S. on September 7—have been rolling off the assembly line and winging their way to completion centers. The manufacturer expects to have the $64.5 million, 12,963-kilometer-range bizjet into the hands of customers before the end of this year.
April 9, 2013
U.S.-based NetJets, which revolutionized business aviation in North America with its fractional aircraft ownership model, aims to take a role in China’s business aviation revolution—but with charter and management services, rather than its signature portfolio of shared-ownership plans. To pursue this goal, the company established NetJets China Business Aviation Ltd. in March 2012.
April 9, 2013
John Travolta
It’s not every day you get to share sushi and spring rolls with one of the world’s most iconic actors, and I have dined out on the story ever since. Though John Travolta and I were hunched over a low table and the wasabi dip was making my eyes stream, I felt entirely at ease thanks to his friendly, down-to-earth manner—which perhaps explains some of his phenomenal success.
April 9, 2013
Aircraft Guide
Looking to buy a business airplane or a helicopter? This directory offers a great place to start your search, as it incorporates data about pricing, cabin size, seating, range and production for all the models you’re likely to consider.
April 9, 2013
Air charter companies await takeoff in China
International air charter companies say China’s limited general aviation infrastructure and lack of cultural awareness of charter constrain near-term internal growth. So for now these providers are concentrating on bringing international charter passengers to China’s doorstep and establishing local contacts and partnerships.
April 9, 2013
Airbus ACJ
Here’s a look at the world’s leading business jet manufacturers and their current and upcoming models.




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