Twin Commander 900

  • Type
  • Cabin Size
    160 cu ft
  • Range
    875 nm
  • Price New

Twin Commander 900 Range Map

The Twin Commander 900 has a range of 875 miles. Select a departure city from the list below to update the range map.

Range is the maximum IFR range of the aircraft traveling at Long Range Cruise speed with all passenger seats occupied. Range figures use the NBAA IFR alternate fuel reserve calculation for a 200 nautical mile alternate.

Twin Commander 900 Specs

Current Market
Price Used (Min) $600K
Price Used (Max) $750K
Total Fixed Cost/Year $278,520
Total Variable Cost/Year $556,625
Passengers (Typical) 5
Volume 160 cu ft
Volume 5 cu m
Height 5 ft
Height 1 m
Width 4 ft
Width 1 m
Length 12 ft
Length 4 m
Price New $1.8M
Year Started 1982
Year Ended 1985
Range 875 nm
Range 1,408 km
Max Takeoff Weight 10,325 lb
Max Takeoff Weight 4,683 kg
Max Cruise Speed 295 ktas
Max Cruise Speed 546 km/hr
Max Altitude 31,000 ft
Max Altitude 9,449 m
Balanced Field Length 4,000 ft
Balanced Field Length 1,219 m
All specifications and performance and economic data supplied by Conklin & de Decker and aircraft manufacturers unless otherwise noted. Variable costs include fuel; routine maintenance; engine, APU, and propeller reserves; misc. expenses. Fixed costs include crew salaries, training, hangar, insurance, refurbishment/ modernization allowances, misc. expenses. Costs exclude taxes and depreciation and reflect North American operations at typical utilization. Last updated 2019-12-09.

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