Photo: Adobe Stock
Photo: Adobe Stock

7 of China’s Scariest Outdoor Attractions

How'd you like to cross a more than thousand-meter-high glass-bottomed bridge that appears to be cracking? Neither would we.

1. Fuxi Mountain Skywalk, Henan province. Jutting out from the side of Fuxi Mountain, this horseshoe-shaped glass walkway sits 360 terrifying meters above a lush green valley.

2. Coiling Dragon Cliff Walk, Hebei province. This circular glass walkway, which crowns the crest of Tianmen Mountain, is 1,500 meters long and 1,400 meters high.

3. Haonyagu Glass Bridge, Hebei province. Billed as the world’s longest glass bridge, this 488-meter-long heart-stopper sways on its suspension cables as the brave traverse it.

4. Shilinxia Viewing Platform, Pinggu district (near Beijing). Stretching 11 meters farther into the abyss than the Grand Canyon Skywalk, this circular glass viewing platform reaches out 33 meters horizontally from a 396-meter-high mountain.

5. Mount Huashan, Shaanxi province. The five peaks that make up the Huashan Mountain Range are home to some of the most dangerous trails in the world, consisting of narrow splintering planks nailed onto the rock more than 2,000 meters from the ground. 

6. East Tiahang Glasswalk, Hebei province. As if a glass-bottomed bridge 1,180 meters up weren’t scary enough, this unique attraction has been built to appear as if it’s cracking as thrill-seekers walk across it.

7. Tiger Leaping Gorge Sky Ladder, Yunnan province. Visitors to Tiger Leaping Gorge have the time-saving but life-threatening option of climbing this vertical ladder of 170-odd rusting rungs, which are somewhat dubiously bolted onto the rock face, over a stomach-flipping drop of 3,790 meters.