private jet fueling at KASE
As part of its Atlantic Evolve environmental stewardship program, Atlantic Aviation, the sole service provider at Colorado's Aspen/Pitken County Airport, will now cover the costs for verified carbon offsets for every gallon of aviation fuel (jet-A and avgas) it sells at the airport to commercial and private operators, in addition to all fuel used by the FBO. (Photo: Atlantic Aviation)

Atlantic Goes Green in Aspen

The Colorado FBO introduces an initiative to ensure that all fuel bought and used at its facility will be carbon-neutral.

Atlantic Aviation has rolled out a carbon-offset initiative at Colorado’s Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (KASE), where it operates the lone FBO. Last year, the service provider introduced continuous supplies of sustainable aviation fuel at the airport. Now it has increased its environmental stewardship there with a program that will render every gallon of fuel sold and used there carbon-neutral through verified carbon credits, which will be paid for by Atlantic.

“We are very pleased by the implementation of these sustainability initiatives as they are consistent with the Aspen/Pitken County Common Ground Recommendations to address climate change,” said airport director Daniel Bartholomew. He noted that the airport’s fuel flowage in a normal year is around seven million gallons.

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Among Atlantic’s other environmental programs are the continuing conversion of its ground-support equipment from gasoline to electricity and the replacement of most of its light fixtures with LEDs, resulting in more than 25 percent savings in energy use at its KASE location.

“As a leading national network of FBOs, we take our responsibility to drive innovation and increased sustainability in the aviation industry very seriously,” said Atlantic COO Tim Bannon. “The carbon-offset initiative at ASE is a first-of-its-kind program for [us] and a great example of what’s possible when we partner with communities that share our commitment to responsible environmental leadership.”