BJT's innovative text-retrieval device
BJT's innovative text-retrieval device

Beyond the iPad: BJT Tackles Tech

BJT introduces a text reader that easily outshines Apple’s tablet.

While our primary focus at Business Jet Traveler remains aviation-related journalism, we have recently entered the technology space. Taking Apple’s advice to “think different,” we have developed an innovative text-retrieval device that we are now ready to announce.

Our product, which will retail for a fraction of the iPad’s cost (around $30), offers several key advantages over Apple’s e-reader. For starters, it is wireless yet always retains a full charge. No need to carry a cable or connect to your PC or a wall outlet. And because we store content directly on the device and never in the cloud, you won’t need Wi-Fi or a cellular connection, nor will you have to worry about viruses or hackers.

You also won’t need to be concerned about frozen screens or rebooting. Our device features patent-pending Always On technology and is instantly ready to use anytime you want to read. To turn it off, simply close the sturdy cover. We don’t offer tech support because we guarantee you won’t need it.

Type is sharp and easy to read—even more like the real thing than what you’d see on an iPad. And content isn’t simply licensed to you—it’s yours. So when you finish reading, you can, if you’d like, resell it to someone else. Broken screens? Forget it. We guarantee our reader against breakage for the life of the original purchaser.

We call our product the “book.” And if you think it’s amazing, wait till you see what we’re working on next: a replacement for texts and emails that requires no typing and allows you to actually speak to people anywhere in the world in real time. We’re calling that one the “telephone.”