BJT’s 7th Annual Readers’ Choice Survey

On the pages below, you’ll find the results of our 2017 Readers’ Choice Survey, to which 1,194 readers responded. For every completed survey, we have as promised made a contribution to Corporate Angel Network, which arranges free flights on business aircraft to treatment centers for cancer patients and their families.

As in past years, the bulk of the poll covers readers’ ratings of aircraft they and their companies own, aviation services they employ, and aircraft they would most like to fly in. We also asked subscribers a variety of other questions, including why they fly privately, what aircraft features matter most to them, how their flying has changed during the past year, and how they expect it to change in the year ahead.

Answers to those last questions suggest an improving picture for bizav. While 22 percent of respondents said they flew less in the past year, 29 percent said they flew more. During the next year, moreover, only 7 percent expect to fly less while 41 percent anticipate that they will fly more. (For both time periods, the remaining percentages forecast little change.)

Please note that percentages don’t always exactly total 100 due to rounding. Note also that our survey allowed respondents to rate any service provider, aircraft model, or manufacturer. If you don’t see results for a particular company or aircraft, it’s because we received insufficient response about it to allow us to present meaningful data.