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The new Max series of Boeing’s business jet line is drawing significant attention in the market, according to the company.

Boeing Business Jets Sees Steady Max Series Demand

Boeing Business Jets is seeing continued interest in its BBJ Max family on a global scale. The company currently has 19 BBJ Maxs sold in backlog—three Max 7s, 13 Max 8s, and three Max 9s.

The first BBJ Max was flown to Delaware last month for installation of an auxiliary fuel tank; after that, it will head to Comlux for completion. But Comlux will not be the only outfitter of the BBJ Max, said Boeing Business Jets president Greg Laxton. “Most principals that buy a green airplane go out and do their own soliciting of interior designers and completion centers.”

While the Max 8 has been the most in-demand model for BBJ customers, the company expects a viable future for the Max 7. “From an availability standpoint, the Max 8 is the most available, and we sold the first one in 2014. I think as we go forward, you’ll see more and more Max 7s because of its range and cabin. With seven internal tanks, you also still have 235 cubic feet of storage cargo space down below,” said Laxton.

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Additionally, to draw conclusions about the level of interest in the Max 7, Boeing looks at the sales of the BBJ 737 series. More than 80 percent of customers selected the 737-700IGW (increased gross weight) in the original BBJ family. Like the -700IGW, the Max 7 is the smallest aircraft with the longest range within the family. “We think the Max 7 is going to sell more because of how many customers chose the -700-sized airplane in the original BBJ family,” said Drew Gough, Boeing Business Jets brand manager.

Going forward, the company does not have concrete expectations for Max 10 sales. “You sacrifice range from the Max 9 to the Max 10, so I don’t know if the Max 10 will be popular as a BBJ model. Only time will tell,” said Laxton.

Boeing Business Jets also views strong demand in the preowned market as an indication of immediate demand for its aircraft. “If someone wants a BBJ now, they go to us and the preowned market. The preowned market inventory is the lowest it has been in more than five years,” noted Gough.

The company's sales are steady across North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, Laxton said. “I think times are good right now. We’re seeing GDP growing around the world again. People are a little more willing to let go of funds for these types of activities, and as long as those trends continue we’ll see good sales,” he concluded.