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Bombardier Business Aircraft

What It Is: A division of Bombardier Aviation (formerly Bombardier Aerospace), owned by Canadian industrial conglomerate Bombardier, Inc., Bombardier Business Aircraft manufacturers and provides ancillary support for Learjets, Challengers, and Globals, spanning the light to ultra-long-range jet categories.

How It Grew: In 1942 Joseph-Armand Bombardier, a Canadian inventor/entrepreneur, established a company to market his “snow vehicle,” or snowmobile. Four decades later, in 1986, Bombardier, Inc. expanded into aerospace, acquiring Canadair, which had developed the Challenger 600 series business jet (which begat Canadair Regional Jets). In 1989, Bombardier bought Northern Ireland’s Short Brothers; in 1990, it acquired the Learjet Corporation, whose midsize Learjet 60 first flew later that year; and in 1992, it purchased a majority stake in De Havilland Aircraft of Canada. The first of its ultra-long-range Global family, the Express, flew in 1996, followed by the Challenger 300 in 2001.

In 2014, amidst parent-company losses, Bombardier Business Aircraft became a Bombardier Aerospace division, as did the conglomerate’s commercial aircraft business. In 2017, Bombardier partnered with Airbus to market its resource-draining C Series commercial jets, and the following year it sold the Q Series commercial turboprop program, and its Business Aircraft Training division, to focus on business aircraft, aerostructures, and other transportation-segment opportunities. 

In December, 2018 the flagship Global 7500 entered service. More than 4,700 Bombardier business aircraft are now in operation worldwide.

What It Offers: 

Business jets. Learjets (Lear 70/75 light jets); Challengers (CL350 super-mid, CL650 large cabin); and ultra-long-range Globals (Global 5000, 5500, 6000, 6500, 7500, 8000). Global 5500 and 6500 are scheduled for service entry in 2019. (The Global 8000 remains a program of record; its future is unclear.)

Inside Bombardier’s Global 7500

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Inside Bombardier’s Global 7500

We got one of the first looks at the world’s largest purpose-built business jet, which entered into service in December.

Support services. Bombardier-owned and -authorized service facilities and mobile response teams provide global assistance from AOG recovery to major repairs, overhauls, and interior refurbishments.

Acquisitions and sales. Buys, takes in trade, and sells preowned Bombardier aircraft.

Notable Achievements: In 1996 Bombardier held the first of its annual Safety Standdowns, which have helped focus the industry on safety.

Recent News: In March, a Global 7500 established a new world distance record for purpose-built business jets, flying 8,152 nautical miles from Singapore to Tucson, Arizona. This month, Bombardier announced that it will combine all of its aerospace operations under the name Bombardier Aviation.


Founded: 1942

HQ: Dorval, Quebec, Canada

Employees: About 27,000 (Bombardier Aerospace)

Revenue: $4.99 billion (Bombardier Business Aircraft; 2018)

CEO, Bombardier, Inc.: Alain Bellemare

President, Bombardier Business Aircraft: David Coleal