Cabin Control At Your Fingertips

Bombardier and Lufthansa Technik are bringing OLED technology to business aviation with a new retractable side-ledge dial that will bring cabin control to passenger’s fingertips on the Global 7500. Exclusive to Bombardier’s new flagship, the dial is part of the new “nice Touch” cabin management system (CMS) that Bombardier and Lufthansa Technik have developed with a four-zone layout in mind.

Bombardier Introduces Nuage Seat for Global 7500 Jet

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Bombardier Introduces Nuage Seat for Global 7500 Jet

It’s named after the French word for “cloud.”

Bombardier and Lufthansa Technik reached into the consumer electronics industry to develop the dial, which is nestled within the side-ledge and provides touch controls of functions within the passenger’s immediate environment, such as sound, basic entertainment system controls, local lighting, and window shade setting, among others.