Avfuel tanker at ACI Jet facility
California FBO operator ACI Jet received its first shipment of SAF this week at its John Wayne-Orange County Airport facility. The company plans to continue the demonstration with SAF deliveries at its locations in San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles over the coming weeks. (Photo: Avfuel)

California FBO Receives First Load Of Sustainable Aviation Fuel

California’s ACI Jet is the latest FBO operator to offer sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to its customers, having received a 7,300-gallon load of the fuel this week at its facility at John Wayne-Orange County Airport. The fuel was supplied by Avfuel, which blends concentrated SAF with standard petroleum-based jet-A. ACI expects to receive another 7,300-gallon load, which will be split between the company's headquarters at San Luis County Regional Airport and its Paso Robles Municipal Airport location.

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The nearly 15,000 gallons of SAF placed in the FBO’s general fuel storage tanks, and available to all customers, will result in a net four metric ton reduction in CO2 emissions.

“Despite the hardships aviation and our world have endured these past many months, we continue to look ahead to a brighter, cleaner future with the use of these sustainable products,” said Avfuel vice president of sales Mark Haynes. “These demonstration days are one more important step forward for our world’s wellness.”