Corporate Angel Network Flies 60,000th Patient

Corporate Angel Network (CAN), an organization that provides business jet flights to treatment centers for cancer patients and their families, recently announced the completion of its 60,000th flight. The patient needed to see a specialist at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston regarding cutting-edge treatment for aggressive salivary-gland cancer. His only option was to make the 17-hour drive by car from his home in Columbus, Ohio—until he learned about CAN through an internet search.

He called the organization, which quickly expedited the patient-registration process. CAN then found an available seat on a scheduled corporate aircraft flight from Columbus to Houston by American Electric Power. AEP is just one of the approximately 500 companies that have partnered with CAN to donate space on their aircraft to help patients.

Founded in 1981, CAN transports patients and their families, at no cost, to clinical trials and specialized cancer centers in order to access the best available treatment. CAN aims to reduce the emotional stress, physical discomfort, life-dependent time constraints, and financial burden on cancer patients.

CAN recently added two members to its board of directors: David Davenport, CEO and president of FlightSafety International, and Scott Donnelly, president and CEO of Textron. Among those already on the board are BJT editorial director Jennifer Leach English and Wilson Leach, managing director of AIN Publications, publisher of BJT.