Dallas-area FBO Introduces No-haggle Fuel Pricing

Million Air Dallas has rolled out a new fuel-pricing program. Dubbed True Fuel Plus+, it will provide customers with clear, upfront pricing—bringing an end to the traditional negotiations upon purchase.

FBOs typically post high fuel prices online and then offer heavy discounts to keep up with their competitors. But according to the Addison Airport–based FBO, which is a Million Air chain licensee, pilots can now view its true price of fuel, which will be advertised online each week.

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“True Fuel Plus+ is more than a program—it’s a commitment to our guests to deliver the highest-quality fuel at a fair advertised price,” said Jeff Zimmerman, the location’s vice president of FBO operations, adding that what pilots see online will be what they pay at the counter, with no surprises. “For too long, an FBO’s posted fuel price has been a bit of a mystery. Today, we pull back the curtain on jet-A and 100LL pricing.”