Elit'Avia, ZenithJet Host Event for Family Office Reps

Charter and aircraft-management specialist Elit’Avia and services-provider ZenithJet are highlighting the business aviation needs for high-net-worth individuals and their families during an invitation-only event scheduled for November 23 in London. The event differs from typical business aviation gatherings in that it will focus solely on the interests and concerns of family-office professionals and others who represent high-net-worth individuals and their families.

This event represents a trend that Elit’Avia and ZenithJet have observed: family financial advisers have become more interested and involved in the business aviation needs of their clients. The gathering is expected to attract upwards of five-dozen such professionals.

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“Family-office professionals have done an excellent job of representing their clients’ interests over the years,” said Nick Houseman, co-owner of Elit’Avia and owner of ZenithJet. “Historically, their areas of expertise have included wealth management, real estate, and philanthropy. More recently, family offices have sought expert advice on aircraft management and related services.”

As Brexit looms, Houseman added, “there is an increased urgency to understand potential challenges and ensure that business aviation travel remains efficient, convenient, and luxurious.”