Airbus ACJ320neo first flight
The first ACJ320neo took to the air for the first time on November 16. It will undergo a short flight-test program to validate the extra center fuel tanks, higher cabin pressure, and airstairs that differentiates the bizliner from the already certified airliner version. (Photo: Airbus)

First Airbus ACJ320neo Takes Flight

The first Airbus ACJ320neo successfully completed a two-hour, 40-minute first flight from Hamburg, Germany, beginning what is anticipated to be a short flight-test program. Derived from the certified A320neo airliner, the bizliner version differs with the inclusion of up to four extra center fuel tanks in the cargo hold for more range,. It also offers greater cabin pressure for better passenger comfort and built-in airstairs.

These features are being tested before delivery of the aircraft to Acropolis Aviation by year-end. The ACJ320neo will then enter outfitting at AMAC in Basel, Switzerland, where an Alberto Pinto–designed cabin will be installed and the exterior will be repainted in the customer’s colors.

Airbus ACJneo

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Airbus ACJneo

The next generation of Airbus Corporate Jets offers greater fuel efficiency, the latest technologies, and significant range improvements.

Airbus ACJ320neo family aircraft feature new-generation engines and Sharklets, reducing fuel burns by about 15 percent and increasing range. As a result, the ACJ320neo with all four center fuel tanks added can fly 25 passengers 6,000 nautical miles, enabling routes such as London to Beijing or Cape Town, South Africa and Moscow to Los Angeles.

According to Airbus, there are nine firm orders for the ACJ320neo family—three for ACJ319neos and six for ACJ320neos.