Flexjet Fleet Treated with MicroShield 360

MRO provider Constant Aviation was retained to treat Flexjet’s fleet of more than 160 aircraft with the MicroShield 360 antimicrobial protective coating. Effective against more than 90 pathogens, the clear, odorless, and non-toxic coating is EPA registered and FDA approved, Constant Aviation said, adding that it kills 99.99 percent of bacteria.

“Constant has been evaluating a number of products over the past year, and MicroShield’s solution and electrostatic application process offers an incomparable aviation solution,” said Constant Aviation CEO David Davies. “Since becoming the only MRO certified to apply MicroShield to aircraft, we have applied the product to more than 40 aircraft.” Work on the Flexjet fleet should be completed in the next few days, according to Davies.

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Aircraft must undergo a thorough cleaning before the three-step MicroShield 360 treatment. The process involves an initial application of an electrostatic disinfectant by certified MicroShield 360 technicians. This is followed by the application of a specially formulated quick-drying disinfectant to all surfaces. The final application involves a proprietary coating formula providing a biostatic finish to treated surfaces, preventing pathogens from living on them going forward.