Credit: Chad Trautvetter
Credit: Chad Trautvetter

Honeywell Develops Apple Watch App for Cabin Control

Honeywell Aerospace is in the final stages of developing a native Apple Watch app that can control cabin systems in aircraft equipped with the company’s Ovation Select cabin management system. The watch software is expected to be available in the iTunes App Store next month and will be similar to the Ovation Select apps already available for Android and iOS devices, which can control cabin lighting, monitor displays, temperature, flight map information and electronic shades.

During a demonstration of the Apple Watch app at Honeywell’s cabin management development facility in Sarasota, Fla., senior manager for business and general aviation cabin systems technical sales William Rowell highlighted several features not available in the iOS and Android device apps. “Because it is a wearable device, we’re able to do things such as notify the flight attendant that one of the passengers hit the attendant call button,” he said. “Likewise, passengers can be notified on the watch app when the seat-belt sign is turned on or off.”

At last year's NBAA Convention, Honeywell demonstrated cabin control apps for Google Glass and a Samsung watch, but neither was “ready for prime time,” Rowell said, and they are no longer being worked on. He noted that Honeywell will continue to add features to the Apple Watch app, as well as develop apps for other wearables as they come to market.