Gogo Unveils Unlimited Data Plan

Say goodbye to surprise Wi-Fi charges.

Gogo is offering what it claims is the first unlimited streaming and data plan in business aviation—Gogo Biz 4G Limitless—offering owners and operators predictability in billing. “Our customers’ hunger for data continues to grow,” said Gogo v-p for product management Jim MacDougall. “Unlimited streaming and data give them the ability to enjoy the benefits of our streaming plan while reducing or eliminating the risk of getting high overage bills for any given month.”

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Priced at $9,995 a month and available to Avance L5 customers, 4G Limitless doesn’t require a separate data plan, unlike other plans that claim to offer unlimited streaming and data but are ultimately limited to a single stream and by other exceptions, MacDougall said. “With our new unlimited plan, data is data, and unlike competitors, we don’t put any limitations on it,” he added.

Separately, Gogo is offering to Avance L5 customers two new high data plans: Gogo Biz 4G with 20 GB of data and Gogo Biz 4G with 25 GB of data. They are priced at $5,650 per month with a 50 cents per MB overage charge and $6,495 per month with a 45 cents per MB overage charge, respectively.