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JetPro Pilots

What It Is: An Indiana-based staffing company that provides temporary and permanent placement of pilots, flight attendants, and maintenance technicians for corporate flight departments and individual business aircraft operators. 

How It Grew: Corporate pilot Scott Jeppson, airline pilot Jack Arnold, and private pilot Ralph Marcuccilli met in 2008 to solve problems in the independent corporate pilot and flight attendant industry. Among issues they considered: the difficulty of matching qualified crew with flight department needs, contractor crewmembers flying without insurance, the need simplifying expense tracking, and HR/IRS challenges. 

The founders launched JetPro in 2009, began accruing clients and crews, and quickly realized that technology would be key to streamlining operations. With Marcuccilli’s background as CEO of Allied Payment Network, the three men began working on custom software to handle the large volume of expense reports generated by flight crews. As the company’s annual revenues reached $3 million, JetPro hired a director of operations; upgraded its part-time software developer to full-time; and in 2015 introduced TripTrac, a time-and-expenses mobile app for business aviation.

Shortly thereafter, JetPro began working on a second software application, CrewTrac. Rolled out in 2017 and customizable for individual clients, this enterprise-level software manages recruiting, onboarding, recordkeeping, payroll, and FAA currency requirements for pilots and crew members.

What It Offers:

Crew-member staffing. JetPro maintains a database of more than 2,000 crew members based across the U.S. who collectively have about 10 million flight hours of experience and hold in excess of 5,600 type ratings. All crew members assigned to clients are JetPro employees, which eliminates any legal or IRS confusion as to the employer of record. JetPro provides worker’s compensation insurance and commercial general liability coverage for each crew member and pays the employer’s portion of state and federal payroll taxes.  

JetPro Trip. Provides a pilot, copilot, flight attendant, or crew team on a trip-by-trip basis. The Crew Finder feature on the JetPro website allows clients to request pilots based on aircraft model type, geographical location, and total hours.

JetPro Recruit. Allows operators to leverage JetPro’s database of prescreened crew members for permanent hire. 

Fast Facts:

Founded: 2009

HQ: Ft. Wayne, Indiana

Employees: Approximately 120

Revenues: Undisclosed

Principals: Ralph Marcuccilli, Jack Arnold, Scott Jeppson