JetSmarter aircraft on ramp
JetSmarter expects opening its services to non-members to lead to route creation and increased flight frequency. (Photo: JetSmarter)

JetSmarter Booking Available to Non-members

JetSmarter has begun offering its flight services to non-members. Without the commitment and annual fee of membership with the company, users of the JetSmarter app will be able to click a pay-as-you-go option to book individual seats at market non-member rates. Non-members will also have the ability to create shared and private flights. Flight availability depends upon the number of people crowdsourcing flights, according to JetSmarter, which expects the new booking model to drive flight frequency and route creation.

Sergey Petrossov, founder and CEO of the company, explained what the pay-as-you-go option means for current members. “With more users to initiate custom flights, the JetSmarter community will continue to grow, ultimately driving the creation of new routes and flight frequency. With JetSmarter’s flight inventory determined by the flying community, members and non-members alike will benefit from the increase in flight creation. The pay-as-you-go access will enable more users to create flights, which will infuse the community with more supply. This will also enable hundreds of thousands of users to crowdsource flights, and in time, millions will have our app,” said Petrossov.

JetSmarter attracts controversy—and customers

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JetSmarter attracts controversy—and customers

Skeptics (and a couple of recent lawsuits) continue to raise questions about the company, but its successes to date underscore the viability of per-seat ch

Flight creation, a capability previously offered only to members, will now be available to non-members, giving them the freedom to select aircraft, departure time, and the number of seats needed. According to JetSmarter, this will cost customers thousands of dollars less than traditional private travel and Petrossov said the price would be guaranteed at the time of creation for all shared flights. When asked for an estimate of non-member market rates, Petrossov provided an example of $1,500 to $2,100 per seat for a flight from New York to Florida.

The JetSmarter app supports crowdsourcing of flights with a “share” button feature, allowing users to share their created flight with members and non-members. Flight credits are awarded to users who refer other non-members to book seats. Membership starts at $4,950 per year and entitles members to significant seat discounts, priority flight availability, concierge service, and other advantages.