JetSmarter Provides Members with Private Suite Access

JetSmarter membership now includes complimentary access to The Private Suite at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The private terminal is offered to domestic and international passengers traveling in and out of the airport and features onsite TSA, Customs, and immigration screening. Guests of The Private Suite arrive through a gated entrance and are escorted through TSA security and to their departing flights, while passengers landing at LAX are met planeside and driven to the terminal. Upon arrival at The Private Suite, passengers have access to suites with a stocked food pantry, private bathroom, two-person daybed, and on-call attendant.

JetSmarter attracts controversy—and customers

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JetSmarter attracts controversy—and customers

Skeptics (and a couple of recent lawsuits) continue to raise questions about the company, but its successes to date underscore the viability of per-seat ch

"We've found that many of our members fly private jets on short-haul trips around the U.S. However, those same customers tend to utilize commercial airlines and the first-class cabin when they head overseas. JetSmarter is a great match for The Private Suite. Its members are searching for ultimate ease and seamless logistics, and we've been able to accomplish that at one of the nation's busiest airports," said Joshua Gausman, cofounder of The Private Suite.

Members of The Private Suite pay an annual fee of $4,500, and each member is assigned  a team of eight people. Amenities include the ability to preorder complimentary meals, complimentary valet and car detailing, spa services, access to a concierge doctor on call, and other services. The Private Suite is owned and operated by Gavin de Becker & Associates.