MedAire Enhances Tool to Help With Inflight Medical Emergencies

Crewmembers can use an app to assess passengers’ conditions and communicate with the company’s MedLink doctors.

MedAire has added five new assessment scenarios to its aviation app to assist crewmembers with addressing in-flight medical incidents and communicating about them to the company’s MedLink doctors. The additional assessment scenarios include in-flight syncope (fainting), severe vomiting, abdominal pain, and anaphylaxis, or allergic reactions.

Responding To In-Flight Medical Emergencies

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Responding To In-Flight Medical Emergencies

MedAire's tools allow flight crew to communicate with doctors on the ground in real time.

Crewmembers using the artificial-intelligence-supported app—which aims, in part, to reduce the panic crewmembers may feel in a medical emergency—are prompted to ask a series of questions for each scenario that allows the company’s MedLink doctors to assess, diagnose, and recommend treatment for an in-flight medical incident. The app, launched in 2019, also covers conditions such as chest pain, altered mental status, seizure, shortness of breath, and suspected infectious diseases.

MedAire was founded in 1985 and provides in-flight and ground medical assistance and training, as well as travel security services.