NBAA Advises Short-terms Delays Ahead in SoCal

The National Business Aviation Association is warning operators of upcoming short-term delays in the Southern California metroplex while the FAA transitions to Phase Three of its air traffic management restructuring initiative. The transition is set to begin April 27, and the NBAA advises that the delays are expected to last one to two weeks while local controllers phase in nearly three dozen new approach and departure procedures.

Controllers are incorporating 13 new standard instrument departure procedures (SIDs) and 19 new standard terminal arrival routes (STARs) under Phase 3. All but one of the SIDs and one of the STARs will be RNAV procedures.

While controllers adjust these procedures, the FAA will implement ground-delay and airspace-flow programs. These include a ground-delay program at Los Angeles International Airport from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. Also, airspace-flow programs will be in place for arrivals into Southern California-area airports from Oakland Center and points north, as well as from the east into Palm Springs, Bermuda Dunes, and Thermal airports. Further, mile-in-trail restrictions will be used for departures from all Southern California airports during the transition period.

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