Paramount Business Jets Offers Carbon-Offset Tool

The charter company introduces a calculator that determines a flight's environmental impact and how to balance it.

International aircraft charter and jet card provider Paramount Business Jets (PBJ) has introduced what it claims is the private jet charter industry’s first open-source carbon emissions calculator. Available through its website, the Easy Private Jet Carbon Offset Calculator allows anyone to enter their trip origin, destination, and business aircraft model. The calculator will then determine total flight time and emissions, as well as offer a list of international carbon offset providers the client can choose to pay for carbon credits on the flight.

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According to PBJ CEO Richard Zaher, frustration over trying to determine the carbon footprints of his client's charter flights led him to encourage the development of the calculator.

“Until now, this information was extremely difficult for private jet charter firms to track down,” he explained. “Even when that data could be found, it was generally at least a two-day process to secure an offset; our calculator allows private jet charter clients to offset their carbon footprint in less than two minutes.”

Zaher added he will provide the source code for the calculator, along with fuel burn data for private jets, notes, and instructions free to any company wishing to post it on their own website under their own corporate branding.