Problems? Maybe We Can Help

Most of the time, business aviation makes air travel painless and trouble-free. That's what you're paying for and that's why you love it.

But once in a while, things go wrong. Perhaps your charter flight left two hours late, causing you to miss a key meeting, and now you want your money back. Or maybe your jet card operator is double-billing you for catering or consistently failing to deliver the promised level of service. Or your fractional provider is refusing to buy back your share according to the terms in your contract.

In such cases, you have three options. The first is to deal with the situation yourself (good luck). The second is to hire a business aviation attorney/consultant to represent you, which can be effective but expensive. The third way–a new option–is to contact Business Jet Traveler.

As part of BJT's ongoing effort to help maximize readers' investment in private air transport, we'll go to bat for you with charter brokers and operators, aircraft manufacturers, FBOs, caterers and virtually anyone else in business aviation with whom you have a problem or dispute. We'll keep your name confidential if you'd prefer (though we may publish a report about the matter that lacks identifying details). Best of all, we won't charge you a penny.

Just send us a letter or e-mail describing the issue in as much detail as possible and telling us what resolution you seek. Be sure to provide contact information for people and companies involved and, if necessary, copies of supporting documents.

We can't promise that we'll see things your way: There are at least two sides to every story (and sometimes three or four) and the consumer isn't always right. But we can promise to investigate and objectively analyze the situation and then do what we can to help resolve it.

You can reach us at or at Ombudsman, Business Jet Traveler, 214 Franklin Ave., Midland Park, NJ 07432. We'll acknowledge receipt of your communication and get right on the case.