Sentient Sees Rising Demand From Neophyte Bizav Travelers

Half of the 5,000 flight hours that jet card provider Sentient Jet has sold since the beginning of April have been to customers new to private flying, the Directional Aviation subsidiary reported recently. The company called this rise in first-time clients an example of “unprecedented demand" and said it believes it indicates a trend in which more inexperienced business jet travelers are "making a serious commitment to flying private in the long-term.”

Sentient has seen flight volume increase with the transport of more than 2,500 passengers throughout the U.S. Inquiries for flight quotes at Sentient also have jumped 241 percent since a March low point. “The encouraging demand for private aviation from new customers, and in particular for jet cards that provide flight time for multiple trips, indicates that travelers are making a long-term commitment to flying private and using it as a utility rather than a lifestyle amenity,” said Sentient CEO Andrew Collins.

Flying Privately for the First Time

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Flying Privately for the First Time

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The Boston-based company is aiming its new marketing campaign at those who really need to travel but might be hesitant to fly via the airlines due to COVID-19. Sentient believes that many in this segment can afford to fly privately—but haven't yet—and view it as a safer, viable alternative during the pandemic. “We are now seeing this change, as outreach from new customers has increased and many of them are coming off the sidelines and turning to private aviation as a trusted travel solution,” Collins added.