Signature To Sponsor Addiction Education Tour

In light of the growing drug and alcohol epidemic, Signature Flight Support has partnered with youth education charity SafeLaunch to sponsor the “Flights Above Addiction Tour,” which will visit four West Coast U.S. cities. At each stop, local youth, parents, and community leaders will be invited to participate in an interactive experience that will educate about the science of addiction and how it affects developing human brains. Youths will have the opportunity to paint their visions for a healthy, drug-free future on the “Flights Above” aircraft, a Cessna Skylane, while SafeLaunch “Wing Parents,” those who have lost children due to addiction, will speak to the parents in attendance.

“Ninety percent of addiction starts below the age of 18," said Janet Rowse, cofounder of the California-based aviation-themed charity. “Addiction is a preventable brain disease that we are aiming to stop. By inspiring teens to set goals, take control of their lives, and imagine the vast possibilities that this beautiful world offers, we actively inspire them to achieve a life above addiction.”

According to recent studies, people who began using addictive substances before age 15 are nearly seven times more likely to develop a substance-abuse problem than those who began using them at age 21 or older.

Stops on the tour include Scottsdale, Arizona (June 17), and three cities in California: Palm Springs (June 24), Fresno (July 22), and San Diego (August 5).

“Addiction, with its potential to ruin lives, must be stopped at an early age,” noted Eric Hietala, Signature’s western regional vice president. “That’s why we are active supporters of SafeLaunch, which educates parents and vulnerable teens, and helps them imagine a positive path for their futures.”

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