Stephanie Chung Appointed President of JetSuite

Stephanie Chung has been appointed president of charter company JetSuite. She will be responsible for sales, revenue management, marketing, guest services, and performance of the brand. Chung’s new role establishes her as the first African American and first African American female to be at the helm of a major private business aviation company. Chung recently served as a consultant for the company’s sales team and has more than 30 years of commercial and business aviation experience.

Chung worked for Piedmont Airlines and US Airways before taking the role of vice president of sales for the western region for Flexjet. She also worked for Skyjet and has dedicated time to executive coaching, sales mentoring, and business advising. Chung has published multiple works and has created various sales courses.

JetSuiteX Codeshares with JetBlue

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JetSuiteX Codeshares with JetBlue

Unlike the airlines, JetSuiteX allows customers to arrive 20 minutes before departure and board in just minutes.

She is based in Dallas and is joining JetSuite upon the company's recent announcements of investments from Qatar Airways and JetBlue, a partnership with Zunum Aero, and a code share between JetBlue and JetSuiteX.