Study: Canadian Firms Using Bizav Outperform Non-users

According to a new study of 60 high-grossing companies in Canada, business aviation users on average outperform non-users by 43 percent in revenue growth. The study, by Nexa Advisors, also found that business aviation users could expect to improve earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) at a 50 percent higher rate than non-users. 

Additionally, the report contends that business aviation users are almost three times as efficient as non-users at both using equity capital to generate income and increasing productivity of assets. The report’s results mirror the findings of similar studies done by Nexa for the National Business Aviation Association.

Inside the NBAA

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Inside the NBAA

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“The report proves what we had known all along: companies that use business aviation have a huge advantage and better financial results than those that don’t,” said Canadian Business Aviation Association president and CEO Rudy Toering. The findings in the Nexa report complement CBAA’s recently released 2017 Economic Impact Study, which shows business aviation generates a total of $12.8 billion and 47,000 jobs annually in Canada.

Toering said CBAA is using both reports to “connect with leaders and influencers across Canada to increase their awareness of the value of business aviation to Canadians and to ensure regulations and policies do not damage this important aviation sector.”