Textron Stands by Silvercrest, Says Hemisphere on Track

Textron Aviation “remains committed” to the Safran Silvercrest engine for the Cessna Citation Hemisphere, despite Dassault Aviation recently cancelling its Falcon 5X program due to continuing technical problems with the very same powerplant. While Dassault said that the latest Silvercrest snag—a high-pressure compressor issue revealed in October—would make “the 2020 entry into service of the [5X] impossible,” Textron believes its Hemisphere remains on track for entry into service in 2020.

Dassault axes Falcon 5X, launches new jet with new engine

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Dassault axes Falcon 5X, launches new jet with new engine

New Falcon is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada engines and features the same cross section as the Falcon 5X.

“As we currently understand it, the latest Silvercrest status does not significantly impact engine deliveries for the Hemisphere program,” Textron Aviation said in a statement. “We will continue to stay closely aligned on their progress and how it may affect the Hemisphere’s development timeline.”

JetNet iQ managing director Rolland Vincent disagrees with Textron’s optimistic assessment. “Even before yesterday’s announcement by Dassault, we had already shifted the Hemisphere’s estimated service entry to 2022,” he said. “It’s also early in the Hemisphere program, so they have time to switch engines, if needed. Whether or not Textron stays with Silvercrest, we still don’t envision service entry in 2020.”