Learjet 23
Learjet 23

5 Aircraft Featured in 'Airport 1975'

Time for some popcorn.

1. Beech Baron. Its pilot suffers a fatal heart attack, forcing it to descend into the path of a 747, killing the jumbo jet’s copilot and flight engineer and incapacitating the captain.

2. Boeing 747-100. After it collides with the Baron, a flight attendant takes control of the aircraft. 

3. Cessna T-37. The Air Force trainer is sent to survey damage to the 747, which has a large hole above the right seat in the flight deck.

4. Learjet 23. This company business jet shuttles experienced 747 pilot Alan Murdock and an executive to join the disabled aircraft’s rescue attempt.

Learjet 40

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5. Sikorsky HH53. This twin-engine heavy-lift helicopter is pressed into service to lower Murdock into the 747’s cockpit and assume control of the airplane.