VistaJet Membership Sales Surge in 2017

VistaJet’s membership sales jumped a record 57 percent in the first half of the year, the company reported, noting that it is seeing an increasing number of large corporations and high-net-worth individuals joining its programs. The international operator said demand is being further fueled by VistaJet’s recent abolition of positioning fees.

VistaJet Jettisons Aircraft Positoning Fees

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VistaJet Jettisons Aircraft Positoning Fees

Depending on location, positioning fees can add tens of thousands to the overall cost of a flight, says the company.

Along with growth in new business, VistaJet experienced a 91 percent customer-retention rate, it said, noting that renewal hours more than tripled in the first half of the year. “VistaJet now stands at 6,000 new annual subscription hours sold in [first half] 2017,” the company said.

For the second quarter ending June 30, flight hours sold were up 51 percent, year-over-year, and the aircraft utilization rate increased 11 percent. Revenues from the company's program membership accounted for 63 percent of total revenue in the second quarter. This is up from 55 percent in the previous quarter.

VistaJet, which has a fleet of more than 70 owned aircraft, believes the strong second quarter gives the charter operator momentum moving into the third quarter, which historically is its busiest period.

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