We Go Inside Gulfstream's Test G700

The second production version of the aircraft shows a new interior configuration, including an optional shower.

Gulfstream’s G700 flight test program is in full swing, and the company recently flew its second production aircraft, known as P2, for the first time. The twinjet, which has a 7,500-nautical-mile range, is equipped with a full interior and is being used to test maturity, durability, and comfort of the cabin elements. In this video, Tray Crow, Gulfstream’s director of interior design, explains what’s different between P2 and P1. You can view our tour of P1 here.

We Go Inside Gulfstream’s G700

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We Go Inside Gulfstream’s G700

A first look at the highly anticipated and ultra-spacious jet.

Gulfstream offers nearly unlimited interior options for its largest business jet, which can be configured with five living areas and can accommodate 19 passengers. The manufacturer expects FAA certification for the G700 and entry into service in mid-2023.

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