Why I Fly Privately

Among comments we received on this subject:

“The airlines have ZERO respect for time, customer service or flexibility. The government, through TSA, has…an entirely inappropriate approach to security. Collectively, they have decimated the American people’s ability to travel effectively or efficiently.”

“You would not invite strangers to your boardroom. Our private jet is our boardroom.”

“Keeping the private jets flying keeps Wichita, Kan., in business.”

“Gives me the ability to visit more than one client on the same business day.”

“Avoids the TSA hassle!”

“Private aviation gives me the flexibility to work comfortably without opening the doors to the competition. As well, it keeps the time spent between locations less, giving me more time to concentrate on major decision making.”

“Less hassle equals more trips.”

“Strategic time management is afforded with private business aircraft that is not possible with commercial air services.”

“Don’t have to remove my shoes and empty my pockets.”

“The number-one advantage to flying privately is productivity. What can be accomplished from the scheduling convenience to onboard efficiency takes most commercial opportunities out of the equation.”

“Cost effective because you can fly to more destinations per day compared to if you take the airlines.”

“Very convenient for business at out-of-the-way places not served by airlines!”

“It is the only way I could get to work in a reasonable amount of time.”

“Flying privately brings the joy back to traveling. We get more done in less time with fewer people. We can see more clients, which in turn increases our business. It is a productivity multiplier.”

“Safer than driving if done professionally!”

“Flying privately allows our senior management and employees to access smaller markets in a timely fashion that results in getting more accomplished in a shorter time.”

“When traveling [on airlines] with coworkers and discussing business, one must be very careful because the person sitting next to you may be a competitor.”

“Flying privately allows for traveling when I need to travel, not when the airlines want me to travel. The same reason I own a car instead of taking the bus.”

“I have chronic scheduling difficulties–last-minute meetings, emergencies, etc. Flying privately allows me to travel at the time which suits me, avoiding crowds, potential air traffic delays, and [the possibility of missing the last flight out.”

“It allows me to take a client with me, which enhances the relationship-building experience.”

“Enjoying the absence of all the dehumanizing aspects of commercial travel. I mean, who wants to feel like cattle?”

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