XO Introduces Low-cost Plan for Private Flying

On-demand digital charter platform XO has unveiled a $595 annual membership plan that it hopes will attract more businesspeople and leisure travelers to private aviation. Called Rise, the plan is designed for those who fly up to 15 hours a year.

Vista Global Blends XOJet, JetSmarter into XO

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Vista Global Blends XOJet, JetSmarter into XO

The aim: to create a one-stop “digital jet marketplace.”

Benefits of the membership, which is limited to one authorized user per account, include instant booking for flights ranging from full charter to individual seats; the ability to initiate or join shared charters; discounts on empty legs; and waived service fees. It also includes transparency in terms of the aircraft a Rise member will be flying, whether it’s a newer or older turboprop or business jet, as well as the size of the aircraft and availability of amenities such as Wi-Fi. Rise members also pay a “dynamic” private charter and/or seat fee per flight, according to XO’s website.