VIP B787-8 dining room
Greenpoint Technologies recently delivered its second VIP completion project for a Boeing 787-8. The layout features both open space areas, such as this dining room, and private rooms, including a master grand suite. (Photo: Greenpoint Technologies)

Greenpoint Delivers Second VIP Dreamliner

Greenpoint Technologies of Moses Lake, Washington, has completed and delivered the second VIP-configured Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner to an undisclosed customer. The widebody bizliner’s interior layout includes open living space and private rooms, with a grand master suite that has its own lounge and office featuring finishes with Calacatta Borghini marble, American walnut, and boucle hand-tufted carpet.

Inside The First BBJ ‘Dream Jet’

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Inside The First BBJ ‘Dream Jet’

Our videographer is one of the few people who have yet been allowed into this extraordinary new aircraft, which flies for $70,000/hour.

Highlights of the main lounge are a metallic glass tile wall—the first of its kind to be certified on a 787—and embossed hand-tipped leather seats. The layout also includes a gym with vaulted ceilings, crew accommodations, and large service galleys. Greenpoint design director Annika Wicklund said the interior “offers functionality and adaptability while integrating the latest technology and luxuries experienced at the finest hotel.”

The company has also been tapped to complete two more 787s, said Greenpoint executive vice president Bret Neely, who added that the expertise gained from its first two Dreamliner projects “is already flowing to our third and fourth 787 completions.”