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Jet Support Services, Inc.

What It Is: Chicago-based Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI) provides guaranteed-cost, by-the-operational-hour engine and airframe maintenance coverage for new and in-service business jets, turboprops, and helicopters. The company also offers consulting services. 

How It Grew: Intrigued by aircraft manufacturers’ hour-based engine-maintenance programs, partners John Haskins, Marla Rabin, and Ron Zilberbrand founded JSSI in 1989 to provide hourly cost maintenance plans for in-service business jets. In 1994, JSSI added plans for new aircraft, providing gap coverage for non-warrantied expenses, and in 1997 the company introduced its signature Tip-To-Tail program, covering all airframe, engines, and APU maintenance costs.

As the international customer base grew, JSSI opened a European headquarters in Farnborough, U.K. in 2010, and a Middle East office in Dubai, UAE in 2012. Meanwhile, RH Book Enterprises and 1848 Capital Partners acquired the company in 2008; formed JEL (Jet Engine Leasing in 2011, and acquired BR710 Engines in 2012. In 2011 CEO Lou Seno was named chairman and the following year board member Neil Book became president and CEO.

JSSI introduced the Alliance program for high-demand customers in 2013, featuring a dedicated web portal. It also signed a 10-year agreement with VistaJet for coverage of the charter operator’s all-Bombardier large-cabin fleet. 

In 2014, JSSI launched a parts-supply branch (now operated as JSSI Parts & Leasing). Earlier, it introduced the JSSI Business Aviation Index, summarizing flight activity of its customers’ aircraft and providing a barometer of global business aircraft activity. More recently, the company introduced its Advisory Services consultancy for operational and maintenance cost data, and asset evaluations and inspections (2016); opened an Asia-Pacific headquarters (2017); and acquired business aviation research and data consultancy Conklin & de Decker (2018). Today more than 2,000 business aircraft are enrolled in a JSSI program, and the company handles more than 8,000 maintenance events annually.

What It Offers:

Maintenance programs. A variety of customizable by-the-operational-hour maintenance plans for business aircraft and helicopters.

Services. Parts sales and leasing for 60 airframe models, 160 engines, and 30 APUs; supply-chain solutions; and consulting.

Recent news: In May JSSI appointed a vice president for global strategy and corporate development, Ash Reddy. A Latin American headquarters in Mexico City is opening this summer.


Founded: 1989

HQ: Chicago

Revenues: Undisclosed

Employees: About 250

President and CEO: Neil Book

Website: jetsupport.com