XOJet offers and Elite Access program which guarantees access to the company's all Wi-Fi-equpped fleet.
XOJet offers and Elite Access program which guarantees access to the company's all Wi-Fi-equpped fleet.

Notable Jet Card Providers

Air Partner
(airpartner.com, 888-247-7278)
Jet cards are sold in 10-hour minimums for flights aboard light, midsize, super-midsize or large-cabin jets from the international charter broker’s vetted operators. Aircraft are a maximum of five years old. Round-trip discounts available. No expiration and fully refundable deposits.
Delta Private Jets
(deltaprivatejets.com, 800-927-0927)
Jet card accesses light, midsize, super-midsize and large-cabin jets from Delta’s managed and owned fleet and network of approved charter operators. No interchange fee or fuel surcharge. Card purchase bestows SkyMiles Diamond Medallion status on Delta Airlines.
Flight Options
(flightoptions.com, 877-703-2348)
The 25-hour JetPASS Select card provides model-specific access to Nextant 400XT, Citation X and Challenger 300 jets from the Flight Options fractional fleet. Aircraft interchange permitted. Card can be split to guarantee access to more than one category of aircraft.
Magellan Jets
(magellanjets.com, 877-550-5387)
Offerings include a card that provides 10 hours of access to Eclipse 500 VLJs and one that guarantees access to Wi-Fi-equipped Gulfstream G450s. Build-a-Card lets buyers select options, from aircraft size and lowered minimum flight time to peak travel surcharge waiver.
Marquis Jet
(marquisjet.com, 877-356-5823)
Aircraft-specific jet card uses NetJets fractional fleet comprising nine models ranging from light to large-cabin jets. X-Country 25-hour card offers 20-percent discount for transcontinental travel on Citation X jets, while Combo 25-hour card splits time between two aircraft types. U.S. members can access NetJets Europe fleet and European clients can access the U.S. fleet.
Nicholas Air
(nicholasair.com, 866-935-7771)
Model-specific Blue Card provides access to Embraer Phenom 100 and 300 and Pilatus PC-12 in increments from 15 to 60 hours. Interchange allowed. No expiration on card. 
(sentient.com, 866-602-0051)
A 25-hour card guarantees access to light, midsize, super-midsize and large-cabin jets from Sentient’s network of charter operators. Aircraft category and quality can be chosen on a flight-by-flight basis. One-way and round-trip pricing available.
(xojet.com, 877-599-6538)
Preferred Access provides priority access to XOJet’s fleet of Challenger 300 and Citation X jets and Preferred Partner Network of 900 jets. Elite Access guarantees access to XOJet’s all-Wi-Fi-equipped fleet. All deposits refundable.
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How were these companies chosen or did they pay to be in this publication?

We do not accept paid editorial content in Business Jet Traveler. This list, like the other directories in our Buyers' Guide, includes a sampling of providers that we consider notable. Our lists are not meant to be comprehensive but we are always open to suggestions for additions.—Jeff Burger, Editor

Dear Jeff, I have been a NetJets fractional owner for sometime and in recent years bought into the Paramount Jet card for additional lift. They have been providing us with great service at reduced rates.

I have used Jetsuite for the last two years and find their service quite good. They should be included in your listing. Previously I was both an owner and card member at Citation Shares.

That company is included in our directory of charter operators, where we mention its membership program.—Jeff Burger, Editor

I think what you should do is break up these companies by who is a operator, a broker...who is focused on a national level, local level. Then explain the difference between them- most people don't know the difference between an operator or a broker. Then go into who requires a down payment, what it is on average- do they have peak days? do they charge for deadheads? Are they guaranteed? What is their safety rating?

If you want to talk with someone about all the differences please let me know- all jet cards are not created equally and it depends on a persons lifestyle and needs.